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The arrival of spring opens the barbecue season. It is worth combining the pleasure of eating with relaxation in the fresh air - both with family and friends, as well as with colleagues on team-building trips. It is with great pleasure that we present our proposals for the grill. Here you will find barbecue classics and suggestions that may pleasantly surprise your guests.

- White or Silesian sausage with onion – PLN 39/kg

- Chicken shashlik with bacon, peppers and onion, 150g portions -PLN 49/kg

- Smoky Texas pork neck, 150g portion - PLN 49/kg

- Luissiana wings - PLN 46/kg

- Shiszkebab, 100g portions - PLN 59/kg

- Curry wurst - PLN 48/kg

- Blood sausage (with wild garlic, apple, onion, Russian mustard) - PLN 29/kg

- Beef burgers, 200g portion (meat only) - PLN 69/kg

- Salmon in banana leaf with coriander - PLN 85/500g

- Grilled pork tenderloin, portions of PLN 150-89/kg

- Grilled cod with vegetables in a paprika, 150g portion - PLN 63/500g

- Trout fillet with orange butter and parsley, 150g portion - PLN 35/500g

- Black tiger shrimps PLN 39/1 pc

- Bavarian salad PLN 49/500g

- Baked potato with sheep cheese - portion 150g - 200g - PLN 14

Sauces 200ml/PLN 19


- 1000 islands

- Cocktail


- Garlic

- Tzatziki

- Tatar

Offer valid until September 30.09.2024

Takeaway meals or delivery, delivery charged additionally.

We accept orders by e-mail:

We accept orders from at least 3 days in advance.

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